Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?
Meeting involves listening and talking, and understanding the relationship between you and others involved in your life and work. It provides the opportunity to find space to tell your story, find solutions, and make the changes that you desire. I will help you to establish a safe, healing environment so that you can discuss your issues and make progress on your goals.

Will it work for me?
Many people get a great deal of benefit from this, some even after comparatively few meetings. Like other life experience, it may not be suitable for everyone. My experience has taught me that if you are motivated and set yourself realistic goals, that this is likely to be of great benefit.

Does it mean that I am ‘ill’?
Regardless of how you got here, I aim to help people with issues of personal development which may have developed recently, or may have developed over many years, sometimes right from early childhood. We will look more deeply into the emotions, conflicts and distress behind these problems. Meeting, talking, listening and learning does not mean that you are ill. Think of it as an important part of human education — to understand and resolve your drives, motives, behaviors, and relationships better.

How often are the sessions?
Most sessions are weekly.

What benefit should I feel afterwards?
I am hopeful you will see this as an effective means in improving your relationships and self esteem. However, as each person is an individual it is difficult to generalize at the beginning as to which benefits a person may feel. The exploration and the journey is often as important as the goal.

Does it usually work?
A great deal of research has been done in the last few years to demonstrate that it is effective. However, it only works as a catalyst WITH the person (you). This means that in order to be effective, the “work” is not done to you – but by you and with you.

How will I feel during therapy?
Counseling sometimes requires an uncovering of difficult emotions or episodes. This can be experienced as a relief but it may also be discomforting. Keep me informed about your experience as you go through your sessions.

How do I get started?
Call or Text 678.221.4143 to speak with me or email me at to set up an appointment this week.