I mainly work from advanced interpersonal skills, clinical knowledge, pastoral insight and cognitive behaviorism for adults and adolescents. Problems range from anxiety, fear, depression, anger, sadness, relationship issues, difficulties adjusting to major life transitions, to parent/child relationships. We all need warmth and positive regard, I am genuinely interested in helping you. You can achieve greater awareness of self, and of your relationships with others. We can translate your growth into better experiences.

I am a 10 year professor and counselor, 20 year pastor. My focus is on relationship. People have forgotten how to connect or they have had painful experiences with others which have injured their trust and ability to connect. You can rediscover the part of yourself that knows how to be happy and whole. Counseling problems come from anxiety, depression and more. As a Christian counselor my pastoral insight and clinical skill can help.

Telling your story is often complex and difficult to express. Listening, reflecting and responding accurately really helps unpack those stories! It is a truly unique and wonderful experience. You can find the wisdom and understanding needed to make your problems solvable. And in time, rest, insight and hope does come.

I am a seasoned therapist able to help you. I have been in full-time private practice for ten years. You can expect empathy, hope, and insight to work together with my education and experience as a Christian/ Pastoral counselor for you. Just call... you’ll be glad you did.

In my free time I enjoy a nice cup of tea, music, hiking and traveling with my family.